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Complete Party Planning Guidebook

The tools you need to celebrate the important (little) people in your life... and have fun while doing it!

What if there was an easier way to create the Pinterest-worthy party of your child's dreams? Without all the...

  • hours spent scouring Amazon and Etsy for the perfect party supplies
  • last minute Target run to pick up the plates you forgot last time you were there
  • hair-pulling frustration of trying to set it all up in your home (when you don't have a creative bone in your body)

I feel you mama... the pressure to throw a Kardashian-level party is undeniable.

Birthday parties can be a real pain in the booty.  

You can spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect party theme, decor, supplies, menu inspiration... the list goes on and on.  

And somehow, it seems like we still end up getting a last-minute sheet cake, dollar store paper plates and setting everything up until the first guest arrives.

Ya'll the struggle is real!

And I know that you (mom) is the one doing all the work...

  • You want a memorable party without breaking the bank
  • You want to be present and enjoy the celebration you created for your kiddo
  • You don't want to waste money on cheese-y, dollar store decor that will just get tossed in the trash the next day

You Are Busy. You Need a Secret Weapon to Get It All Done. (And coffee isn't going to cut it this time...)

You need a fully outlined party plan that will be your creative guide to turning your home into a Pin-worthy party central, that your guests will talk about for days....

Let Me Introduce You To...


With three themes to choose from, this is every busy mom's solution to throwing your child a low-stress, high-impact birthday celebration. 

What is included?  

  • A simple to use, instant-download, themed party-planning guide with clickable links to all the decor and supplies you'll see in the guide (many items found on Amazon... hallelujah!) 
  • Suggested on-theme menu (including what to make ahead of time and what to snag from the store)  
  • Detailed planning timeline so you know what to do and when to do it
  • Beautiful inspiration on how to set up the party in your own home to minimize day of scrambling (and leave you more time to actually enjoy the day)  
  • Cost break-down for parties of 12 guests, so you'll know exactly how much to budget for  


Using The Complete Party Planning Guidebooks You Will...

  • Save yourself hours of scrolling Pinterest and Etsy only to feel overwhelmed and defeated  
  • Set-up your party in advance so you aren't frazzled by the time the party starts  
  • Save your dollars by buying neutral, stand-alone entertaining pieces that can be used for celebrations of all types (instead of dollar store supplies that are destined for the trash)  
  • And most importantly... throw a birthday party your child will remember forever (and will be the talk of the school for days after)


Dinosaur Theme

This dino-themed party will sure to be a "rawr-ing" good time for all! 

 Palm fronds and and green vines make this jungle-y party come to life. Using the suggested menu, both herbivores and carnivores will have plenty to eat... so no one will be going home hungry! 

Plan Your Dino Party TODAY (Only $9.97)

Movie Night Theme

It's showtime! Time to grab some snacks and catch the previews!

 This throw-back style party brings beautiful simplicity to a special night. In the guidebook, this party is showcased indoors but could easily be moved outdoors for a movie under the stars (if you have projector)!  

The hardest part of planning this party? Finding a movie to agree on!

Pizza Party Theme

Mama Mia! It's Pizza Night!

 Making your own pizza has never been more fun! Kids (and adults) of all ages love rolling out the dough, selecting their own toppings and eating the delicious pizza they made with their own hands.  

Let's make life easy and let the food be the centerpiece of the party!

Sarah's Pizza Party guidebook is fantastic! She just saved me hours of Amazon scrolling and using her planning tips I have all my items ready to go for my party next week! I'm not even stressed about the food because she laid out what I need to do this week to prep (and what to buy as shortcuts). This party guide is what every busy mom needs! 

PS - this girl nails simple, yet high-impact styling... I never would have come up with this on my own.

- Katie S. (Iowa)

Not quite sure what party theme is right for you? 

Then let's stay in touch! Over on my blog, I give all sorts of behind-the-scenes ideas for extra party fun: 

  • games to play 
  • what to include in the goodie bags 
  • easy party prep tips... 
  • Plus, I'm releasing new party themes all the time!

The Complete Party Planning Guidebooks are designed and materials sourced by me, Sarah White. I'm a professional event planner with over 8 years of industry experience. Even though I regularly plan large (and small) events down to the little detail - at home celebrations were stressful for me.  

So I started taking my own advice and followed the five principals of entertaining and now, hosting celebrations is fun again! I get to spend time with the important people in my life (and not obsess over every little detail).  

That is why I created these party concepts and guidebooks. For each theme, you get my expert eye for style along with the hand-holding to know how to put it all together yourself.